Exterior Detail: From $69

Whether the exterior of your vehicle just needs a good clean up or could use a little extra attention, we’ve got you covered. Our exterior professional detailing packages begin with a hand wash and clay bar treatment, which removes brake dust, rail dust, and other deposits in the clear coat. After cleaning the door jambs, wheel wells, tires, rims, and trim, we apply a coat of wax to add further protection.

Just give us a call to learn how we can renew your ride! We work with other trusted third party providers for more extensive work like buffing, scratch removal, and other exterior work. 

What’s included in our exterior detail?

  • Complete hand wash with steam rinse
  • Remove brake dust, rail dust, bugs, and tar with clay bar treatment
  • Proper cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, and rims
  • Wipe down door jambs and inside fuel door
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and sunroof with streak-free cleaners
  • Treat tires, trim, and grill with premium exterior dressing
  • Apply durable wax with dual action orbital polisher
  • Clean and shine exhaust tips

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