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Supa Auto Detailing provides you one of the best car wash services along with interior detailing, exterior detailing, mobile detailing services and much more.

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What We Do

Here’ s a list of services which we provide 

Complete Detail

This package will include everything that the Interior detail package and exterior detail package includes.

Interior Detail

This package includes a complete detail of the interior of your car. We clean all of the surfaces in your car including the compartments. We will detail all of the windows on the inside, extract all carpets, clean all leather seats and include cleaning the dash board and vents.

Exterior Detail

This package will have your car shining at the stop light. We hand wash the entire outside of the car, making sure to clean all wheels and rims. All outside windows will be thoroughly cleaned. To top it off, a top of the line hand wax will be applied to the vehicle.

Mobile Detailing Service

All of our services provided above, but with the convenience of us coming to you. We will pick up and drop off your vehicle at the location of your choice. No more sitting in a waiting room!

On-Site Detailing Service

All of our services provided above, but we will detail on site. We do charge extra for this service. Please contact us to book On Site Detailing.

Semi-Truck Cleaning

We can sanitize and clean the interior of your semi trucks. Whether you’re looking for a complete reconditioning or a spring cleaning, our team has you covered. Call for pricing and scheduling!

Stain Removal

Supa Auto Detailing will be able to remove tough stains and make your interior look and smell the way it did when you first bought your car.

Pet Hair Removal

We know all the tricks for removing pet hair from your vehicle.

Odor Treatment

Let our team remove those nasty smells!
• We use NuVinAir's patented odor elimination products
• Cleans the vehicle interior and HVAC system
• ReStore is a 15-minute, hands-free treatment recommended for more intense odors, including smoke
• ReFresh is a 7-minute, hands-free treatment recommended for less intense odors
• Reaches places sprays and wipes alone can't
• Replaces outdated and unsafe Ozone machines
• Eco-friendly and non-toxic

Why Choose Us

We’re expert in detailing business, with years of experience and skilled work force.  

Expert Detailers

Our detailers have years of experince leading to an amazing outcome for whatever serivce you choose with us.

Trusted Work

We take pride in our work making sure your car is as clean as the day it came off of the car lot.

Our Customer Say

Great experience using Supa Auto Detailing!! It was great they are able to come pick up and drop off our vehicles. We have used them twice and will be using them more! Everyone at my office was impressed at the value and the results so I think they will be getting some more clients. The vehicle smells great! It Looks brand new, lots of attention to detail and very responsive to questions and flexible with scheduling. They really went above and beyond! Thank you!!!
R & K Diaz
Excellent value. My car had never been detailed and I have kids and a dog so... you can imagine. James answered my inquiry quickly and got me in right away. They picked up and dropped off my car which made it a lot more flexible for me. They came right on time to pick it up and kept in touch while they worked on it. And they did a great job. I’m impressed. Thanks so much!
Shannon Boynosky

(952) 652-7710